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Cryptography Programs

Description URL Author
A tutorial on the Data Encryption Standard des Mathew Fischer
An implementation of DES in C (incomplete: lacks the ability to bufferthe input) des.c Greg Miller
An inplementation of RSA in 4 lines of Perl rsa_n_4 Adam Back
An expanded, commented version of the above rsan4exp.txt Adam Back
Original post on how to use rsa_n_4 rsan4pst.txt
Adam Back
An implementation of RC4 in 4 lines of Perl rc4.txt
Adam Back
A tutorial on the IDEA encryption algorithm
An implementation of the IDEA encryption algorithm
A paper on cracking PKZIP's encryption algorithm Eli Biham and Paul C. Koucher
A program for cracking PKZIP files
The original PKZIP encryption contest
A tutorial on the Lucifer encryption algorithm
The S1 cipher posted in sci.crypt (supposedly the encryption algorithm used by the Clipper Chip: SKIPJACK) s1.c Anonymous
A post from sci.crypt.research describing an attack on S1 s1crack.txt David Wagner
A program which breaks Netscape's weakly generated SSL keys unssl.c Ian Goldberg and David Wagner
Blowfish implemented in C blowfish.c Bruce Schneier
A program for analyzing character frequency in text boucher-chi-square.c Peter K. Boucher
An ethernet packet sniffer (requires promiscuous mode)