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Programs and information for Texas Instrument's calculators.
Various information related to Geography to Cyberspace mapping. The Geography of Cyberspace Martin Dodge
Search through U.S. patent database. U.S. Patent Boolean Search Page U.S. Patent Office
Archives of a few mailing lists, including SSL-USERS MagNet's Mail List Archives MagNet, Inc
Various information and examples regarding programming MS Visual Basic. Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page Carl Franklin and Gary Wisniewski
NIST Federal Information Processing Standards
Artificial Intelligence
A very large repository of information related to artificial intelligence CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
IlliGAL publications related to genetic algorithms. IlliGAL Publications Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory
Information regarding Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Page and links to many other related sites Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Page Maintained by Una-May O'Reilly
Allows anyone to plot planetary data for anywhere in the world. The Dundee Astronomy Page Glenn Rowe
Northwest Nexus (Aegean Park Press)
Novell's Publication Server Pubs Server Notices Novell
Amazon Books Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore. Amazon Books
Springer-Verlag in New York Welcome to Springer-Verlag New York Springer-Verlag
Programming and Development
Large archive of information about programming on the WWW [TM] Webreference
Obtain the NetWare SDK, as well as information on programming Novell NetWare Novell: DeveloperNet: Home Novell
Archive of information on programming the MS Windows platform Internet Resources for Windows Developers R2M
The C Snippets Collection. Hundreds of C programs to perform various tasks The SNIPPETS collection Bob Stout
Many links to sites with information related to networking. Primarily related to NetWare information sites. Network Resources NetWare Connection
Information on the decompilation of software Decompil ing Frans Faase
People Search Engines
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses
Find a Person
Yahoo! People Search
Crypto People
A few publications/articles about Goldberg's crypto related findings. Ian Goldberg's Stab at a Home Page Ian Goldberg
Page with information related to cryptography. Doug Stinson's Page Doug Stinson
Various information and articles related to cryptography. Home of the Crypto Glossary. Ciphers By Ritter Terry Ritter
Home of the Crack password cracker. Alec Muffett's Home Page Alec Muffett
A few papers regarding cryptography Ross Anderson's Home Page Ross Anderson
Home of RSA in two lines of Perl, as well as a few other similar programs export-a-crypto-system sig (Adam Back's Home Page) Adam Back
A list of links to many security related areas on the Internet. Spaf's Hotlist Eugene Spafford
A few papers related to cryptography and key escrow schemes. Mat Blaze's FTP site Mat Blaze
Has many links to many crypto sites. A good place to start if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Ronald L. Rivest : Cryptography and Security Ronald Rivest
David Wagner's home page. Various information on crypto and some crypto links. David Wagner David Wagner
Crypto Resources
Cypherpunks archive site. Cypherpunks
Archive of papers and reports related to cryptography. CTRS
Bell Labs
WWW page with links to non-U.S.WWW sites. International Cryptography Pages
Information regarding RSA's products as well as the home of the RSA Cryptography FAQ. RSA Homepage RSA
An archive of many wordlist in many different languages Directory of /pub/wordlists (SABLE Wordlists) Paul Leyland
Information related to Quantum Cryptography Quantum Cryptography @Man
An electronic library containing books/papers/journals related to cryptography Theory of Cryptography Library Maintained by Oded Goldreich
Various information related to NSA's services and projects. National Security Agency NSA
Information related to mathematics behind cryptography theory. Cryptography and Numbertheory> Boudewijn W.Ch. Visser
Information about IACR, Crypto conferences, and related conferences. International Association for Cryptologic Research IACR
Various articles and reports regarding privacy and crypto policies EFF "Privacy, Security, Crypto, Surveillance" Archive Electronic Frontier Foundation
Eric Young's implementation of SSL. Directory of /pub/Crypto (SSLeay) Eric Young
Various crypto programs and cryptanalysis materials Directory of /pub/crypto (SABLE) Paul Leyland
Various links to information about random number generators. Randomne ss resources for Dr. Dobb's Journal readers David Wagner
Information regaring Counterpane services as well as information on Blowfish. Counterpane Homepage Counterpane
A PGP Public Key Keyserver BAL's PGP Public Key Server Brian A. LaMacchia
UNIX Security
Archive of the BugTraq list. A list devoted to UNIX security problems. Bugtraq mailing list archives Jennifer Myers
The USENIX home page. Information related to Internetwork administration and security Usenix Association Home Page USENIX
Archive of the Best-Of-Security mailing list. A list devoted to exposing weaknesses in Internet software Best-of-Security Mailing List Archive by thread Wojciech Tryc
Database containing exploits related to UNIX systems UNIX Vulnerability Database ISS
Willem Jan Hengeveled's home page Willems home page Willem Jan Hengeveled
Various hacking articles, links, utilities, and FAQs _,.-+*~'`'~*+-.,_26 00 Stuff_,.-+*~'`'~*+-.,_ Paul Albrecht
Various programs related to NetWare hacking, as well as home to the NetWare Hack FAQ. Directory of /pub/nomad/nw (Simple Nomad's FTP) Simple Nomad
dISEr's page
Virus magazines, source and binaries. Raven's ViriiLand Raven Brooks
Virus collection archive and other materials related to viruses. Cicatrix Virus Collection Site Cicatrix
Various information regarding viruses. Chiba City Blues
Computer Underground Digest Archives
A very extensive archive of viruses and magazines related to virus development. God@rky's Virii Heaven God@rky
A list of sites containing "warez". Warez ftp sites Koos van den Hout
Jimmy's Ultimate Rawlings/Warez page
Exploits and articles related to UNIX hacking. unix / net / hack page Arny
An archive of archives of virus information, binaries, and source. Index of /virii (ILF) Chaos
Various attacks against the Netscape Web Browser. Netscape Security (problems) Laurent Demailly
Official web page for the "Hack Microsoft" contest. Various exploits and information regarding Microsoft products. Community ConneXion Community ConneXion
Various information related to Novell products and NetWare. Marcu s's Home Page Marcus Williamson